Hingori Series of Books
The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul


auraThe Aura is the electromagnetic field that encompasses all life forms. As mentioned earlier, thicker the Aura, more spiritually powerful the person. Most viral diseases that we contract first infect the Aura before they infect the body. The Aura acts like a protection layer to the body. It also protects people from attack by negative spirits who normally cannot penetrate the Aura of averagely powerful beings.


On one of my journeys out of the body, I saw my wife sleeping on the floor. My out-of-the-box sense of humour compelled me to pull her leg. I thought I would bounce on her and scare her. It was around 4 am. What happened next was a great learning. Every time I tried to jump on her, I would bounce off. I could not touch her. She seemed to be enveloped by a blue light, of conical shape, since she was lying down. It extended to at least a foot off her body. She did not move an inch in spite of my efforts to wake her up. I realised then that the human Aura is a very powerful protective shield.


It is a sorry state of affairs that out of six billion people alive on this planet, not even ten per cent know much about the Aura. And only one per cent of that ten know enough. The rest are only familiar with the word. Like the wicket keeper in a cricket match would say, ‘How’s That?’


It is important to know how to protect one’s Aura and learn how to expand it.

There are three kinds of wealth that people can attain:

  1. Physical & Material Wealth
  2. Mental Evolution and Emotional Strength
  3. Spiritual Evolution and Attainments


The last point includes depth of Aura, the positive Karmic balance yet to fructify, special attainments and Siddhis that the spirit might have qualified for, during its various incarnations, etc.


Most Saints and Deities are depicted with Halos around their heads, to signify that they had very powerful Auras.


Let us examine the factors that lead to enhancement of the Aura. Let us work towards attaining greater wealth, a wealth that will last thousands of years, as against material wealth that becomes immaterial on our death.


The word ‘Gati’ in Hindi means Speed. The speed this word refers to is the speed that the spirit body can acquire for its movement. For bodies that travel in astral space, speed is an important aspect for the attainment of power. This ‘Gati’ is required for the spirit to cross certain barriers and travel to other dimensions. For attaining this speed, Aura is the energy required.


Energy Ball


The basic ingredient of Aura is Shakti or energy. I have actually seen Shakti in the form of a ball of energy and I’m happy to share the experience with you.


A visitor to the Sthan for several years, Nandlal, who did a lot of service, had a problem. His shops could not get rented out. Something would always go wrong before an agreement was finalized. He wanted us to clear this. He felt there was a spiritual problem acting as a hindrance. I was new at spiritual healing, so in an experimental mood, I sat down in meditation and asked Gurudev to give this gentleman the power to solve this problem.


In the meditation, I saw three characters appear- Nandlal, Gurudev and myself. Gurudev threw a ball of energy at me. It was translucent white in colour, about a foot in diameter and was dynamic, almost alive. It kept expanding and contracting, like a small cloud that moves inwards. I knew it was a ball of energy. I threw it at Nandlal who accepted it and the ball got absorbed within him. A few days later, Nandlal told me that he met someone in the train and the person was suffering from pain. He touched him and the pain vanished. Nandlal became a healer. He was responsible for treating many patients in the years to come. This power helped him clear his shop of the negative energies that were stopping its progress. Nandlal became fairly spiritually powerful. He died a few years ago.

A very interesting incident in Nandlal’s spiritual journey was that once he was throwing energised water into a lady patient’s eyes to heal her (that is one of the processes taught by Gurudev). But he made the mistake of doing this egotistically. The lady herself was a spiritually advanced person, who had practiced many mighty mantras for years. Because of his ego and not doing this on behalf of the power of the Sthan, Nandlal’s hand got drained of energy. The water, which is a carrier of energy, was being thrown into the eyes of a powerful person. The eyes are also magnets that can both take in and give out energy. So the energy that was thrown into the eyes, through the holy water, got enhanced as the receiver of the energy was probably more powerful than the hand of the transmitter. He confessed his mistake. For six months he had dullness in his right hand. He had lost a part of his aura energy there. It was a learning for us all.



Why People Have Poor Auras?


Let us examine why most people who are rich materially, or even those who are clever at their jobs, don’t have thick Auras? Listed below are some of the ways in which Auras get depleted.

(1) Forward bending exercises and also weight training. Very often when you bend forward or backward and drop the weights, there is loss of Aura.

(2) Massages where the masseur pulls your fingers in a jerky movement, lead to loss of energy.

(3) Attraction towards the opposite sex involves transference of an X amount of energy. That is why, in the past, women practiced Shringar (the art of adornment) to attract energy from the opposite gender.

(4) Sexual interaction involves the exchange of energy and one partner gets more than the other.

(5) Shaking hands with more powerful people leads to loss of energy from the less powerful to the more. Namaste is an insurance against that.

(6) Blessings and Aashirwad given by the right hand to the head of a devotee can lead to transference, if the blessings are heartfelt.

(7) Conversely, curses do drain a lot of energy if they manifest.

(8) Desires and emotional attachments are transference of energy from one to the other. The Bonding (Moah) that a mother has for her child is a source of earning for the child.

(9) Anger can be loss of Aura as the fire within rises to the head and consumes more energy. Hatred is even worse as it is a continuous drain for a long period of time.

(10) Sustenance of life is both an investment and also a gain of energy and therefore the ebb and flow of energy have to be positive.

(11) Speaking too much is also a waste of energy, thus it is nice to remember that there is a cost to each word. So why not economize. Remember the old phrase ‘Brevity thy name is wit’.



How to Protect and Enhance the Aura


  1. Mantras chanted silently in the mind in a meditative pose help increase the Aura. It helps if you cross your hands and feet so that the vibration remains within. Many Sadhus keep their Malas or rosaries in a cloth bag in which they do their counting. The idea is to keep their rosaries hidden and save the leakage of any vibration or energy. A glass of water kept in front while you are doing mantras in a cross-legged pose helps to capture the energy in the water as well.
  1. Purification of the mind and a change of the Guna mix in an indirect way increases the capacity of a person to hold more Aura. People with a Sattvic nature have a potential for a larger Aura.
  1. Sewa: Serving people, animals and other life forms helps enhance the Aura.
  1. Spiritual Healing: Magnetising away the pain from a patient helps to add some Aura which could have been negative to that person. The patient suffering from pain, could be healed by a healer taking away some of the negative energy from the patient’s aura,and laundering it into positive energy. This may result in the healer absorbing some of the negative energy in the transitive period. Sometimes, of course the healer has to bear the negative energy in a small measure before it gets converted to positive. To cite a personal example, a patient in Mumbai had blisters in his mouth and throat. I was influenced by his entire family to help him with quick relief. I did not think that was what I should do, but we are all prone to influence and so was I. My son got blisters in his mouth and so did I! They lasted a few days. The lesson I learnt was an important one. I realised the value of surrender to a higher power (here, surrendering the patient’s pain to the higher power of the Sthan). We call that Arpan.
  1. Greening Places: Watering plants and greening places helps add to the Aura balance. Gardeners are normally richer in Aura than their employers.
  1. Accidental Aura Attainment: Very often we are not in a position to understand the magnetic level in a particular location. However each location has its own magnetic value. Places like temples and other religious places, cowsheds, crossings, caves, have higher magnetic energies than other areas. Homes of people where worship is carried out become magnetically more powerful than normal homes.


When people meditate in such places, they naturally interact with a higher level of spiritual energy. If they are more magnetic or more powerful, they will attain or absorb some of that energy as a part of the interaction. This, of course, is something that should not be practiced commonly unless the practitioner knows what they are doing. If one were to try and magnetise energy from a place where worship is practiced it may not be taken very kindly by the priest of that institution or by the energy itself.


I remember a couple of incidents where I thought I could take some power from a particular location. It was at a private temple of one of Gurudev’s disciples in Renuka. While I was praying at the altar I had a desire to attain some of that energy. Suddenly, I felt as if some power had attacked me. I got a feeling of uneasiness which I could not get rid of. Sitting in the car was a horrifying experience; I felt something was destabilising my mind and body. I felt a kind of heaviness around my head and I knew from past experiences that some force was attacking me. Unfortunately, it did not seem to be a minor force. I couldn’t sit in the car, so I got out and walked towards the Renuka Lake. The uneasiness persisted, though it was slightly less as I was walking on the ground and being earthed (as my feet were planted firmly on the ground possibly the attack of the negative energy may have been partially transmitted to the ground and absorbed by the earth). I could not think of any other option so I prayed to Devi Renuka (the mother of Sage Parshuram), and asked her to protect me from this attack. What happened next is something I still can’t believe, though of course I did see it happen. It was like watching a television screen on my forehead. I saw a beautiful woman, dressed in white, wearing many ornaments and a crown on her head. She looked like a glorious being; I assumed it was the Devi Renuka.


I saw myself requesting her for help and she touched my head. The moment she touched my head the heaviness disappeared. The attack was warded off. I felt absolutely normal again. I shall never forget that show of grace. I have always kept the holy water of the Renuka lake in my place of worship as a kind of connection with that charming glorified Devi. I had learned my lesson; energy was better earned, than stolen.Some of the places where magnetic values are higher than at other places:

  1. Busy gymnasiums or yoga studios
  2. Crossings which are commonly used
  3. Pyramids
  4. Forests


Often, the exchange of aura can lead to contamination of our aura. Swimming in a pool which is frequented by people with different types of auras, where many of them may be of the Tamasic and Rajasic quality, we might acquire some of those qualities and magnetise them in our aura. Further, wearing people’s clothes which have been recently worn by them, sitting on seats in a bus or a taxi where people with a lower quality of Guna mix have recently sat, sleeping on beds in hotels which have been slept on by people who are not of your Guna type, are some of the places where your aura could get a little polluted.


I was a fairly good swimmer especially in the backstroke, but for years I have avoided getting into a pool.


I am not saying that you follow these suggestions to the last word. I wanted to exaggerate this point just so that you could understand it better.


Another thing that I have realised over the years is that drinking other peoples drunk water or liquid (jhuta) or eating out of someone else’s plate, where there is the chance of someone else’s saliva getting mixed with yours, is dangerous business in Aura exchange. Of course this covers kissing. Another person’s saliva brings to you in a very direct way, their qualities, good or bad. People, therefore, want to drink the liquid sipped by a saintly person in order to acquire some of his or her qualities. The next time you have to kiss someone, do an x-ray on their qualities and then decide.


Besides, the Aura transmitted through the eyes of an individual can affect the food that they are cooking or staring at. If their qualities at that moment are more negative then that would infect the people eating the food. That is why prasad or food distributed at spiritual places of worship has to be cooked by evolved people, known for higher level of thinking and greater qualities. Even what they are thinking whilst cooking matters. The food catches the energy that is generated in the mind of the cook.


Different materials react differently to the human aura or human energy. Good conductors of electricity attract (but also discharge) Aura much quicker than bad conductors of electricity. If you look at some of the religions, especially Sikhism, you find that the Sikhs always wear a Kada (bracelet) or steel bangle on their right hand. Gurudev made people wear copper Kadas with silver joints. These Kadas (bracelets) if blessed by someone with a powerful aura, manage to retain the aura which revolves around the bracelet in a dynamic way. I have heard accounts of hundreds of people who claim that wearing the Kada protected them as it seemed to have established some kind of a connection with a much larger or greater energy. One such person is me.


I am too embarrassed to tell you how this Kada helped me during my visit to Nairobi over 30 years ago. For twenty days I tried to do something which my conscience considered wrong. But every time I tried to make a moral mistake something would go wrong with my adventurous attempts. I failed constantly and consistently. Logically, it is not possible to fail so many times. I knew there was something odd, something was forcing me to follow the right path. I was wearing a Kada that had been given to me by Gurudev, and it kept flashing in my mind every time I failed. By the end of my month long trip, I knew that this bracelet had something to do with my decision-making. I would go as far as saying, it actually manipulated my mind!



Significance of Aura


The Ramayana talks very significantly of the Lakshman Rekha, a line drawn by Lakshman around Sita’s hut in the forest during Lord Rama’s exile. Her young brother-in-law was going to leave her alone to chase a golden deer that had captured her fancy. In order to protect her, her drew a line around the hut and energised it with the power of mantras, thereby creating an impenetrable energy field.

It is possible for anyone who has a strong aura and spiritual energy to be able to create such a circle of power. Someone who creates this circle needs to be spiritually powerful because you need to sustain that energy with your own. It lasts as long as you will it to last. Very often, when there are spirits in any house or in any particular room, we can capture them with this energy circle. Being trapped within that circle of energy they are not in a position to escape till such time that we allow them to, or till the energy circle remains. In Hindi it is called ‘Keelna’.



Black Magic on Aura


Something that one needs to be aware of, but not necessarily fear, is that people can take items which have traces of your aura and perform black magic on you. I remember a young child whose swimming trunks were stolen from the CCI club in Mumbai and black magic was performed. The child lost all energy from waist downwards. This was a case of Tantric negative energy being used.


I was myself a victim of black magic performed on me by my watchman in Gurgaon. I had left my shirt behind by mistake and my watchman, who was normally a very nice man, felt the urgent need to make me come back to Gurgaon because he wanted me to help him with a small loan. He got one of his villagers to perform black magic on my shirt (a worn shirt). The beauty of this story is that when I reached Gurgaon, he was the one who told me about his trickery, expecting that I would be amused and impressed. No doubt it was a funny story, and the fact that he confessed made me feel less of a victim and more of a learner.


I was once again the victim of black magic performed on me through white Indian sweetmeats called pedas. This led to me suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for several years. Finally, I was cured by Gurudev in a minute and a half. One of Gurudev’s disciples was shown, in a vision state, who was the culprit and how he had managed to do this. Thanks to Gurudev and the powers he has bestowed on his disciples, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have received relief. I am personally a witness to a patient called Kamlesh who was made to stay at the Sthan for several months. She would get excruciating pain in her stomach and wriggle on the floor like a fish out of water, until she would faint. I saw her vomit out broken pieces of glass bangles tied to black thread on several occasions. The disciple treating her (Mohna) would wash the glass pieces and stick them on a piece of paper, finally to form a full bangle. I was told that some black magic practitioner had given her a taveez (locket) by mixing it in a glass of Rose milk. Gurudev had said she would be fully cured only once the taveez came out of her. Luckily this happened in my presence when she said to Gurudev that she was feeling choked. He hit her back a couple of times and out popped a taveez from her mouth. Kamlesh was finally cured, she now lives in Delhi, is married and has kids. The attempt to kill her was foiled.


The moral of the story is that your aura can be hurt and manipulated by practitioners of black magic, Voodoo, Tantric Vidya and the like.



Sewa and Aura


When disciples of Gurudev, who have the gift of healing, practice healing through their aura, they can literally feel the vibration of the negative energy.


When a spiritual healer uses his or her power to remove negative energy from the aura, it gets magnetised into their hand. They can either get rid of it by washing it off, as it is newly acquired and therefore not mingled with their own, or absorb it. They also have the wiser option of offering the negative energy to the Sthan or temple which is their source of power. That source of power absorbs all these negative energies, which may be negative for some but not negative for all, and amalgamates it within itself. Like it is rightly said, ‘one man’s food is another man’s poison,’ or vice versa.


Sometimes, spiritual healers do have to suffer from the negative energies that they may have absorbed, and bear with them till such time that they have managed to launder them. Spiritual practices and reciting of mantras can provide relief.


An interesting case that comes to mind is of a lady who was a friend of my mother’s. She kept complaining that someone had performed black magic on her family and that they felt uncomfortable in their home. After hearing her requests several times, I decided to take a couple of my spiritual associates and help her out. While two of us stood at the gate to block the escape of the negative energy, I asked my friend Giri to go and sprinkle magnetised water, Jal, in the house, and to assess if there was any place that gave him a heavy feeling in the head. He located a part in one of the bedrooms where he was getting a very heavy, negative feeling. We used the specific mantras required to magnetise some more water and asked him to sprinkle it in that specific location. He had to do that a couple of times as the energy was not easy to get rid of.


What transpired next was shocking! A huge blister, around one-and-a-half inches in size appeared on his left hand, just below his thumb. It had the shape of a face, like that outlined by a child, and was around one mm thick. As we stood there and watched in awe, the blister slowly started getting absorbed into his hand and finally disappeared. It took about five minutes. The negative energy had got magnetised into his hand and was therefore cleared from the lady’s house.



Gurudev’s Thursday Aura Restrictions


On Thursdays Gurudev’s followers are asked to follow a few restrictions.


Not to shampoo their hair, not to wash their clothes, not to cut their nails and hair, not to consume non-vegetarian food, alcohol, etc.


All these restrictions were based on disturbance of the aura on a day when Jupiter’s rays are most powerful. That is why we call it Guruvar or attack by the rays of Guru/Jupiter. The putting of shampoo in the hair has not much to do with the shampoo but with scratching of the hair, the aura of the hand disturbing the aura of the head.


Eating non-vegetarian food is consumption of animal aura of a lower variety, which gets mingled with the aura influenced by the rays of Jupiter on that day. The aura that remains behind in the clothes would also be disturbed if they were washed (Aura of a person has a particular electromagnetic character, therefore the cloth absorbs it and worn clothes contain the aura through this mechanism).



Transmission of Aura


There is some science in old grandma’s tales. Every new mother is told that the white milk she feeds her child should not catch ‘Nazar’ or be infected by sight. What does this really mean? It means that our eyes are a two-way carrier of energy. The energy that comes out of the eyes can be positive or negative. White being a colour that is most susceptible to energy, can capture the negative energy and deliver it to a person internally. That is why the old grandmas believed that one should not consume anything pure white seen by another person or for that matter an existing spirit (Gurudev often asked us to mix any different coloured objects in rice, curd or milk and not consume it in its pure white form).


The transmission of aura outward also happens in cases like telepathy/desires towards external objects, intense affection or attraction towards a person etc. Creating of an energy field outside a house or another object also falls in the outward transmission category. Naturally, the outward transmission of aura depletes our aura balance and that is why most saints of the past have said ‘internalise rather that externalise your thoughts and feelings’. Many spiritual teachers realised that sharing of wisdom is transfer of aura outwards and are hesitant to transfer their realisations. Those who are more evolved realise that it’s a loss worth making and is in the nature of sacrifice. Over a process of time, with the evolution of the person, this loss turns into a profit as people are greatly benefitted with this knowledge and grateful for their learning.


The last few lines consist of a few hundred words only, but are secrets worth millions of $$ in cosmic currency. So, don’t just forget them.



Use of Animal Aura


What is hardly known to people in the modern age is that even the aura of animals can be used for the benefit of people. When my son was born with weak legs, Gurudev asked me to give him a bath under a bear in such a way that the water would first fall on the bear and after that it would wash the legs of my son. Naturally, this defied logic, and shall we say my (lack of) intelligence. I somehow couldn’t manage to get myself to do this, but now that I understand the subject, I know that it would have worked very well.


When I was a couple of years old, my mother had a complaint that I could not speak like other children my age. I was a late starter. One of the village women advised her to make me eat curd that had first been eaten by a crow. She was to make me do that a few times, and she did. And oh God! Why did that work? I would have preferred to be a more silent type, but the crow had to have its victory, and my wife had to suffer it!


Gurudev used to say that a black dog absorbs a lot of the negative energies in the house. I have recommended this to several people and most of them have had similar positive experiences.


I do not believe much research has been done in this field, therefore there is not much data on the subject of how to use an animal’s aura for the benefit of human beings. However, it is considered by many, that people often acquire the qualities of animals they have lived with.


Side-stepping a little into the vegetable life form, let us look at how different images on the outside are connected to images on the inside. For example why are walnuts good for the brain? Why are Papayas good for the stomach? Why are almonds good for the eyes? These examples of whether it is aura of vegetables or animals show the connectivity between all life forms.


As evolution takes place, the centre of gravity within you also rises to higher points of consciousness (people often refer to this as the rising of the Kundalini). This enables you to hold more energy, and therefore be potentially wealthier than what you were. (How to acquire that extra energy is a subject we have taken up separately).



An Aura Secret (Don’t tell anyone!!)


When you think of someone or something, a remote, kind of blue tooth connection is established. The subject I want to talk about is criticism or praise. When you criticize someone and their qualities, and you do this often, unwittingly, you magnetise a fraction of those qualities from the person concerned towards yourself. Therefore, regularly criticizing someone will at a point of time X, instil within you the very qualities that you criticized.


The same rule would apply if you were to praise or admire another entity. In yogic teachings, they have a concept which says if you want to acquire speed, meditate upon a horse, similarly, meditate on the strength of an elephant; courage of a lion; patience of the spider and so on. The moral of the story is what you meditate upon, that you become.



Cosmic Currency


Your aura is your cosmic currency and you need to own a lot of it in order to be rich. It is the only asset that you can carry forward to your future incarnation. It is also the armour that protects you from invasion by other energies including illness and spiritual attacks. Do work hard towards earning as much of it as you can. That is your final status. One of the measurements of your wealth. The stock in trade of your final balance sheet (the other indicators of your cosmic currency include – your Samskaras, your Sewa – both qualitative and quantitative, your realization or Gyan and your Bhakti – your ability to connect to your inner self and through your inner self to the cosmic consciousness).