Hingori Series of Books
The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul


In the process of loving ourself, our spirit body becomes a significant factor. It is therefore important to get better acquainted with it and understand some of its experiences.


It is important for us to know and understand the infrastructure of our spirit bodies. As we dwell in the spirit body much longer than in our physical bodies in terms of numbers of years, it becomes significant to pay attention to what I might call a long term asset.


To explain further, if an average life is about 80 years in the physical form, existence of the spirit body in the interim period can be much longer. Sometimes spirits wait for hundreds of years to get/attain a physical form.


Of course the physical body also contains the spirit body, whose existence is in continuity both in physical and in spirit form. It is conjecture, but I estimate that people exist in spirit bodies for thousands of years.


For example, the Bhrigu Samhita (a set of leaves predicting the future of people alive today), was written 2500 – 3500 years ago. Spirit bodies have existed long before that. Some of my dream sequences showed me my own existence from several thousand years ago, judging from the attire, type of weaponry, use of vibrations to fire arrows etc.


Though I am not an absolute authority on the subject, I have had several escapades out of the body and with spirits so what I’m going to state further is what I have learned from these experiences.


The spirit body is made out of a substance like ether, almost like a smoke body (one-tenth as dense as smoke) slightly lit from within. Because of its light weight and subtle vibration it does not need to move slowly like its physical counterpart. It can fly through air using its will. It hardly receives any thoughts and thinking is substituted with observation. It has a mind which is different from the human mind as we know it, because it does not receive and churn thoughts and attain the same level of feelings like the physical body. It observes mainly dispassionately, subject to its evolved Citta. The currency this body requires for its survival and well-being is something that we could call cosmic currency or simply, energy or Shakti. For this body to be able to travel to different dimensions, it needs to attain that speed for which it requires a lot of energy. The energy this body has accumulated or is in possession of also helps protect the spirit body from being bullied or captured by other spirit bodies. The level of energy is its stature of strength.


Even while we are alive there are opportunities for our spirit bodies to do things independent of their physical bodies: Spirit bodies can be used to burn out the karma and events that were meant to be, and these may happen in the spirit bodies instead of physical ones. In fact there are yogis who can create additional spirit bodies out of their own energies (called Nirman Kaya) and use these second bodies for the fructification of the stored karmas in the Karmashaya, in order to exhaust their Karmas quicker (this is possible only by advanced spiritualists).


I know this sounds like a sci-fi movie, may be the yogic version of the Matrix Reloaded, but I have seen and experienced similar things in my life and therefore I am convinced that this can be true.


Astral Travel


On the subject of out-of-body experiences, I have not only had several personal experiences, but have also been the understudy of a man who travelled astrally, at least thrice a week and for several hours on end.


If the subject interests you, let me share the experiences I had in that astral form. My astral travel started when Gurudev talked about it to me very casually. He said he would take me for a long tour out of the body. He asked me to go sleep while he lay down on Paath (that was when he was going to travel astrally). While I was sleeping, I saw his emissary appear and say come, Gurudev is calling you. Being so physically oriented, I never realised that I should take the help of the emissary (one of his favourite disciples called Puranji), walk out of the body and follow him. Instead, I forced myself to physically wake up and go to his room. There I found Puranji pressing his feet whilst he was up, up and away (had left his body).


However, all was not lost. He would make me sleep in the Sthan room and had taught me some advanced Mantras. On one of these nights, I felt myself awake from within but asleep physically. I could float from the bed but was restrained to the sphere of my body. That means that I could float say three to four inches above the bed or sideways but was restricted to my body’s boundary. I could figure out that the floating me was awake whilst the physical me was fast asleep. This happened a few times. From my point of view the plumbing within me was getting forced to have a cleaner and unobstructed path. Thereafter I would see him very often in my dream state. This was preparation for my spirit body to exit my physical body in time to come.


During the dream state and vision state, I would find myself travelling with him to different locations and everything seemed so real that I could even feel the breeze and touch things. The visits sometimes included going to a couple of well known temples that I had never seen. In fact he took me to a temple in Lonavla which was built by one of his young disciples. I saw the temple structure and the idols therein, they were in colours of grey and black, not very common colours this side of the country. When I saw this temple with Gurudev, I had no clue as to where it was or that this experience lasted only for a couple of minutes.


Act 1. scene 2 – A few days later, Gurudev’s disciple who had built this temple, ran into me on the road at Lonavla and requested me to come and see the temple with him. When we reached I was amazed. It was the same temple that Gurudev had taken me to a few months back, and exactly as I had seen it!




More Alive than Dead


Many spiritual saints appear in the spirit form to help and guide human beings. Gurudev has been doing this for several decades. I was quite shocked to meet my class mate from boarding school at the Sthan in Gurgaon. It was definitely unexpected, the man was a fancy international businessman, who in later years had become an alcoholic; fortunately he gave up alcohol after a few years. When I asked him what he was doing there and how he had come there, he told this story.


He was living in DLF, Gurgaon, under a lot of stress, both financially and emotionally.


We’re talking about an incident that happened somewhere in 2010, approximately 20 years after Gurudev had expired. So in the early hours of the morning, he got a vision with his eyes open like in a dream. He saw a man standing in front of him and the man said, “Don’t worry I will solve your problems.” In the background he heard, ‘come to Guruji of Gurgaon in Sector 7.’. He had never heard of any such person so he Googled it. He was amazed that the man he saw in vision state was the same man on the website Guruji of Gurgaon. When he reached the Sthan in sector 7 in the prayer room he saw photographs of Gurudev hanging on the wall, and the disciples there told him about Gurudev. Boy! How freaked he was!



Matter with a Different Vibration


What was really perplexing in these out-of-body experiences was that everything ‘solid’ in the physical world was ‘subtle’ in form and matter in the spirit world. I found myself being able to go through walls, almost crossing the barrier like it was made of the thinnest paper. I could see the dimensions of the room in the physical form, but I could go up through the ceiling and through the walls without any resistance. The other thing that I found unique was that even in the middle of the night, the lighting in the room was not pitch dark. The light outside was exactly what it is 20 minutes after sunset, the light inside was a few shades darker.


Flying through the Fan


I did manage to hurt myself during one of these experiments. I was amused to see myself fly through the fan into the flat above. When I saw people sleeping there, I came back the same way I had gone. However this time I stopped on the way down through the fan, at the level of my ankles. I was almost hanging halfway between the rooms, with my ankles at the level of the fan blades. As I had frozen there for a few seconds, I heard a click sound in the area of my ankles and felt myself get hurt. When I woke up the next morning, I had pain in the exact spot and had to limp with it for fifteen days.


Witness to a Duplicate Body


Ashish, a young spiritualist, was sitting at the Lemon Tree Resort in Goa. He was there with his cousin having lunch on a Thursday. He had asked for the menu card and was going to order prawns, while his cousin had gone to the restroom. Suddenly, he heard a voice from across the table. He saw his spiritual teacher sitting there, in gross material form. He told him that he should not eat non-vegetarian on Thursdays. Then the figure disappeared and Ashish had a vegetarian meal. He will never forget this to his dying day. This was a case-study of a Nirman Kaya or duplicate body. Physically, the teacher was present in another city and wasn’t even aware of the incident. His second body seemed to have a will of its own.


Uninvited Guests


Virenderji a judge in Haryana and a respected human being, was a spiritual disciple of Gurudev. Once, he had unexpected guests for breakfast. He had overslept that morning and missed going to the park for his morning walk. Three of his friends came over at 8.30am and told him that he had met them that very morning at 6.30am and had asked them to come over for a simple breakfast. That man had just woken up and did not know how to figure this one, but breakfast he certainly did arrange. This example was meant to show that another version of you can exist whilst on a path of self-evolution.

The resurrection of Jesus, who went on to appear in his physical body after crucifixion, is a similar example.


Gati – the speed of the spirit body


In order to travel faster than it normally can, the spirit body requires extra spiritual energy. This energy gives the spirit body the power of motion. Which means that it can use that energy to travel at super speed from one place to another, faster than spirits can at their normal pace (if they do not have Gati). This extra energy also enables the spirit body to be able to pass through barriers and reach other dimensions, a long distance away.


You’ve probably guessed that the way to attain this energy is to follow the same practices that you need to follow to increase the depth of your aura. It was about 25 years ago, in a vision state, that I found I was being taught the speed of travel by one of Gurudev’s disciples. He said that he had been asked to come in order to help me learn this technique of superfast travel. I woke up to the fact that I had attained or rather been made to attain Gati. There is an old adage in Hindi: ‘Guru bin gati kahan?’ (It is not easy to acquire superfast travelling speed without the grace of the Guru).


After this attainment, I have experienced a few travels, where I felt my spirit body move like a rocket, in the sense that I could not see whilst I was travelling astrally. It was like a zzzz sound and the speed was too fast for vision to comply. I could sense that I was travelling, but there was no sight, only movement. This was in an out-of-the-body state and not in a dream state.



Karmashaya and Kaarna Sharir (Components of Spirit Body)


The inner body of the Sukshma Sharira or the spirit body is called the Kaarna Sharir. It is called the causal body and that is exactly what the word kaaran means, the reason for existence. This is the third body connected to our Jivatma, and separate from our physical and astral bodies.


The Karmashaya is the Pot that contains the long term and short term memories, the samkaras and therefore I have referred to it in several places as the ‘hard disk’ from where our samskaras surface to become karmas. The Karmashaya is attached to the Kaarna Sharir (many believe it is a part of the Sukshama Sharir but the controversy does not affect us so let us not go down the theory route).


The Samskaras can also be divided into the three Gunas. And naturally they will create matching trends of thought and resultant deeds or karmas. An energy called Vasna takes the stored information and brings it out of the database at relevant times to the relevant place. This is something like the electrical energy that is used by a laptop or a computer to bring out the database to the screen on receiving a command. And do remember this command is more like a search option because the database is so vast, unending.


Our Atma & Ego = Our Jivatma.


Jivatma + Kaarna Sharir & Sukshma Sharir (including Karmashaya) & Physical body = US.


A common connect for Jivatma and Kaarna Sharir and Sukshma Sharir & Physical Sharir is the Citta).


Our thoughts and feelings, including aversions, passions, inspirations, our reactions and several such sentiments flow from this Karmashaya to our human minds.


Cleansing of this Karmashaya and reducing the data on it is one of the critical missions of our lives.


On the other hand, we may need to feed in some data into this Karmashaya in order to change our attitudes and reactions. Let’s look at a few examples.


If we are seeing a lot of tamasic samskaras come to fore, we can focus on sattvic samskara building, in order to ensure future karmas are in the sattvic direction. Spiritualism leads to that and so does philosophy, philanthropy and so forth.


Sattvic samskaras lead to Sattvic feelings and trends which in turn lead to Sattvic karmas. We need to build Sattva in greater proportion to Tamas and Rajas. We need a major change in attitude. A famous management quote says “It is by a person’s attitude that you can judge their altitude.”


Every spiritual discipline teaches us to improve our character. Indian philosophy, especially Yoga talks about the eight-fold path of evolution. So does Buddhism. All these strategies for evolution are meant to achieve similar results. In simple terms, a change in our Guna Mix.