Hingori Series of Books
The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul


Guru means remover of darkness.


A Guru means remover of darkness. A person who plays the role of guru takes upon himself or herself the task and mission of reducing the ignorance level of their disciples. The ignorance here refers to ‘AVIDYA’ which is one of the five kleshas or stresses/confusions that affect the human mind. This is given in more detail in the write up on Kleshas.


Getting a Sadguru (right teacher), is supposed to be like getting a lottery, because a competent guru takes upon himself the responsibility of ensuring the success of his disciple, with the endeavour of passing on to them all his knowledge and abilities.


astroThere have been several great Gurus like Guru Vasistha (who was also the teacher of Ram), Jesus (who had eleven brilliant disciples), Guru NanakBuddha, Rama Krishna, and so many illustrious teachers who helped to awaken the inner knowledge of their disciples.


These teachers are not from India alone. There have been a host of them across countries, and through history,  including the great Greek teachers likeAristotle, Plato, Chinese teachers like Lao Tse, Confucius, Muslim teachers like the Prophet Mohammed, Khalil Gibran,  the list is long and illuminating. Every religious teacher has said almost the same thing in different words-all have advocated good deeds. The commandments of Moses have different names and numbers in various languages and cultures.


The truth is one, the presentations many. Add to that, variable time zones, different characters, varied geographical locations, separate languages and what do you get?  What does it spell? RELIGIONS !


Many people evolve without the help of a Guru or spiritual guide.  They read religious or spiritual books, practice philanthropy, chant mantras or prayers, do service by affiliating with NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations).  They sometimes even attend classes to study the scriptures and holy books, if possible to interact with like-minded people on these subjects. They become  well informed about the spiritual world and its dynamics.


Their intellect helps them to understand the laws of Karma and inspires them to do all such things that enrich them and to avoid acts that pull them down.  It is a do-it- yourself method but sometimes it works.


saints_of_india_guru_nanak_wd64Early one morning, Guru Nanak, accompanied by Mardana,  went to the river Bain for his bath.  After plunging into the river, Guru Nanak did not surface and it was reported that he must have drowned. The villagers searched everywhere, but there was no trace of him. Guru Nanak was in holy communion with God.


The Lord God revealed himself to Guru Nanak and enlightened him.  In praise of the Lord, Guru Nanak uttered these words-“There is but One God. His name is Truth. He is the Creator, He fears none, He is without hate. He never dies. He is beyond the cycle of births and death. He is self illuminated, He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru. He was True in the beginning. He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True. He is also True now”. (Japji)

These words are enshrined at the beginning of the Sikh Holy Scriptures, the Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Nanak did not believe in the Trinity of Gods, or  that God can be born into human form.




A Guru can manipulate the Karma of his Disciples


A Sadguru can help his disciples get positive Prarabdha  Karmas (current fructification) by making his disciples do Tapasya (penance) and Seva in the present. By adding a huge load of positive karma, strictly avoiding the negative, and by committing to a lifestyle that will keep the karmic assets increasing and liabilities reducing, the Guru can even give the disciple benefit of hissanchita (unfructified) karmas in this life, thus rebalancing the equation, in favour of the disciple.Maybe where money is really required and cannot be managed without, some other form of relief may arrive out of the blue in the form of a temporary relief, just to tide over a situation. If the disciple is to have a physical ailment, probably the effect of the ailment could be reduced.Basically, the grace of the Guru may not stop the rain of bad luck, but it could provide an umbrella, by neutralizing the negativity of the planetary effects. By adding to the Aura of the disciple, his ability to resist the negative rays gets enhanced.


Does that mean that a Sadguru can change a person’s destiny to an ideal life? Can someone, thanks to a Guru, find his existence suddenly become hunky dory? Where bad luck just vanishes and good luck just sets in? I don’t think so. But what I have been witness to, and what is not easily believable is as follows :


A Guru can make his disciple die in his dream-state. He can give his disciple a new lease of life and extend his/her present lifespan by several years with circumstances that may seem to remain the same, but the experience of life can be very different. That includes perception and reaction of the disciple concerned. It means the negativity may get rounded off.  For example, if the disciple has to endure a financial squeeze, his will power will also enhance simultaneously. This helps to control the mind and achieve a higher level of consciousness.

The power of the mind, it is said, can move mountains. This, of course, means a person can, through Sadhana and his or her Guru’s grace,  achieve abilities that are supernormal.


A connection between the disciple’s  energy and the Guru’s energy bank would form the umbrella we referred to earlier. There are several such instances that I have noticed take place in my life, and that of many of Gurudev’s disciples, whom I have closely known.


Guru’s umbrella

In the late 80s I had gone to meet Gurudev to take his blessings. I woke up much earlier than normal and again fell asleep on a chair. I saw a vision of my wife lying on a flat surface and she was surrounded by a couple of people with masks and strange knives. I thought they were going to kill her. The feeling in the dream or vision was that her end had come. I felt a strange presence behind me. When I turned around, it was Gurudev. He looked amused. He said, “Son, what do you want?” I said I left the decision to him. The vision vanished. I woke up and remembered the vision. It was as real as real can be.A few years later, my wife was going to deliver a baby. There were complications, the waterbag had burst and the doctor said they needed to perform a cesarean. It was New Year’s eve, the operation was set and my wife was prepared for it. The doctor went up to his home in the same premises, to spend a few minutes with some visitors. My wife delivered naturally. I suddenly remembered that vision of men in masks with knives around her. I realized it was men in green and they had surgical knives. It could be an absolute coincidence and a figment of my imagination-or it could not.


Defective Vision or Defective Accident?

Another incident that I can never forget is, one day I was lazing in the courtyard of his house sitting on some rubble in the afternoon. I felt slightly sleepy and when my eyes shut, I had a vision. I saw myself moving and I saw a cycle cart cross me on the road. Next, I found myself lying on the road in a half sitting position. My left sleeve was torn and my hand had bruises and I was bleeding. My trouser also was slightly torn and there was a mild bruise. The vision passed and I couldn’t make much of it.A couple of hours later Gurudev’s driver was going to Delhi for some work on a scooter. I thought I would tag along just for the ride as I was feeling bored. I went to Gurudev’s room and asked his permission to go.  He was uncomfortable. He asked, “Why do you need to go?” in Punjabi. Being a convincing speaker, I came up with a few logical reasons.  He relented. He blessed me with both hands, and off we went on a scooter, catching the breeze.We had hardly travelled  ten minutes when at a crossing, I suddenly saw the same cycle cart I had seen in the vision a few hours back. It was like Déjà vu. I knew what was going to happen. My rider tried to prevent the collision, the scooter slipped and I was in exactly the same position I had seen in my vision, on the road. My shirt’s sleeve and trouser were torn. But! And it’s not a small BUT, there was no bleeding from my hand.

Back we were in his house in an hour. I went in to say thank you. He wore a wry grin and refused to discuss the incident. He asked me to go and rest. This was a perfect example of the Guru’s umbrella.