Hingori Series of Books
The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul

Falling in love with yourself



Like most women believe the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so also, the way to the consciousness supreme begins with your physical incarnation. You need to love yourself at a physical level, at a spirit level, at a memory level, before you can reach the point of loving your individual soul or Jivatma. Therefore let us start at the very beginning.


Please do not misunderstand falling in love with yourself as a case of vanity or self-admiration. Nor is it the case of how impressed you can be by your personality and your ability to dazzle people. Neither is it a study on how popular you are nor how many people hero worship you and that being the reason you should fall in love with yourself. No!


This is a study of how you can fall in love with all your ‘selves’, which are body, citta and the spirit within. Assuming by now you have understood the fact that we need to accept ourselves on an as-is-where-is basis, with all our defects, flaws, faults with our destiny and our thoughts, good and bad.


We have three bodies the physical body, which consists of our physical incarnation, our mind and our intellect, the spirit or the ghost within or the Sukshma Sharira (Sukshma Sharira is the one that exists before, during and after we take birth in this life) and finally, the Kaarna Sharira or causal body, which is always attached to the spirit body and contains the hard disk of our Samskaras.


People who exist in the spirit bodies, after death, live in a particular dimension for extended periods of time. Those are the lucky ones. Many times, the unlucky ones are stuck in our realm as they do not have the ability, capability or the Karma to take to them to these different dimensions. They get stuck in their homes or on a neighbouring tree in the village, or at the place of their death. These are normally referred to in colloquial terms as ‘Bhoots’ or haunting spirits.


Some of these spirits do haunt and trouble others, while some don’t haunt anyone but try to improve themselves and help others. Some just exist in waiting, waiting for a time when they can be reborn or for their descendants to do some good deeds in their name, so they can get some brownie points and move on. Or just waiting and existing in a parallel life in this very dimension.


Science today, has recorded these poltergeists as explainable and existing in our atmosphere. The more unfortunate of these spirits get captured by black magicians and are used by them to do their bidding. Some of them are captured by more powerful spirits, the Hindi word for them, is Jin or Jinn. These Jinns are like spirit dons who control several spirits who serve them.


Besides our physical bodies, we need to fall in love with the spirit bodies that are manifested within our physical bodies. We need to think not only about our physical body’s future, limited to a maximum of 80 to 100 years, but also about the future of our spirit bodies, whose future that can last for several hundred years at a time. Very often between one physical incarnation and the other there could be a waiting period of 100 years or more, depending on your spiritual status, your place of pre-birth existence, (to get rebirth that will provide you a destiny that will match the fructification of your Samskaras or at least a large part of them is by no means an easy task, that is why some times rebirth can be deferred when due till such time that a matching Mahurat is obtainable.


Some times the spirit takes birth in its own Kul or family and that also can be a delay factor as you may need to the right timing and availability of the relevant parentage). A very unique case study is the rebirth of the Buddhist lamas, who are in the cycle of being reborn in order to evolve further, even if they are born out of the families as many of their family members are celibate. They are found through certain signs by the senior lamas and brought into the fold to be reared again in continuity of where they left off in their last lives. It is not a joke but a 30 year old lama in Ladakh managed to get the property that belonged to him in his last life transferred to his current life, following a legal process through a court of law. Uncanny. But true!


Judging from the dress of my son’s spirit body, that I encountered a few months before my wife got pregnant, I would say that he looked from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.


Abhay Taneja the yogi of yore, whose negotiations of birth I was a witness to, had waited 100 years in Bathri (near Dalhousie) for Gurudev to come along and grant him a rebirth. There are many other accounts of spirit messages that say similar things. The fact that 2500 to 3000 years back, Rishi Bhrigu wrote the future of the lives of people who are living today, is justification of the fact that those people existed in some human form at that time.


I saw myself in a vision state, in existence several thousand years ago, dressed in clothes befitting the Mahabharat era and using Mantras to move chariots 20 to 30 feet high, in the air, during a war scene. First, I was given the Mantra in my dream state and then shown the scene of my past self using it in a battle. I assume it was a Mantra from my past, re-taught now.


Further, there is an account of Lord Purushram who is supposed to be in existence even today in the abode of Himachal Pradesh in the form of an immortal. I for one, have had the honour of being attacked and beaten up by him on a trip to Renukaji. I was saved by his mother, Renukaji, in the nick of time. To my shock, Gurudev explained this to me on my return to his camp. As usual, it was always a case of ‘How did he know?’(Of course I had done something wrong at a place of worship of Lord Parusram and did deserve his wrath.)


Gurudev used every trick in the book to help us to change our Guna mix, though he may not have used the term. He would say “apni niyat ko saaf rakho” or keep your intentions clean.


Self improvement or appreciation is an obsession to acquire naturally, it’s not a matter of ‘read and play’. Work on your Gunas like you would on the profitability of a business, for it is business…………..the business of life!


There are accounts of several great saints who have left this human existence ‘Seh Sharir’ – meaning alongwith their bodies. Better known among such saints were Guru Nanak, Guru Gorakhanath, Sant Kabir and Jesus. One of Gurudev’s ancestors who was known as Sitaramji, died in the 19thcentury and passed on Seh Sharir. Shri Malhotraji, Gurudev’s seniormost disciple tells this story. According to him Sitaramji’s disciple was also called Sitaramji and would camp for extended periods of time at Gurudev’s ancestral village, Hariana where Gurudev became acquainted with him and had the opportunity to spend valuable time with him.


I have been closely associated with the practice of spiritualism for several years now and from my experience, and that of Gurudev’s, I have come to the conclusion in that spirits can exist for several thousand years. So, in order to avoid the “waiting”, “drifting” and “hanging” indefinitely, we should begin work on a long term plan for our ‘inner’selves.



Understanding the Goal of Each Body


It may be the goal of the physical body to work towards economic, social and intellectual accomplishment, however, one of the important aims is to shed off its adulterations and indulge in self-purification. Somebody once asked a carpenter how do you make an elephant from a block of wood? He said, ‘Simple, you just chip away all that doesn’t look like an elephant.’


Naturally, in order to do that, one of the aims of the physical body should be to change its Guna mix to Sattvik, reducing the other two Gunas substantially. For the physical body to be purified it needs to surmount attachments, fears, likes, dislikes, and passions. It needs to work towards contentment and bliss. Bliss being very different from the regular perception of happiness. Normally happiness is considered to be synonymous with joy. Unfortunately, that is a state of emotion that is always accompanied by sorrow. It’s like sitting on a see-saw where joy is one side, which goes up and sometimes t goes down. Bliss is the spot at the centre of the see-saw where emotion is almost non-existent. To me that is happiness. Actually we should call it Happylessness. In 2070 the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries would describe it as a word that means bliss, which is not joy, nor sorrow. Therefore, I infer, mankind’s pursuit of happiness would have been far more rewarding with a spelling change.


The goal for the spirit body or the Sukshma Sharira or spirit body, is the attainment of wealth that can be used when it exists purely in its non-physical incarnation. This is energy called Shakti and commonly known as Aura. Because the spirit bodies are made of ethereal material, the vibration of that body is much more subtle than the vibration of the physical or material body. The physical, material body can magnetise subtle vibrated products, including energy more effectively.


During its existence as a spirit body, it needs that energy for movement and sustenance. Therefore it is the goal of the spirit body to use its physical body counterpart to work towards the collection of more energy.


The third body, as it is called, is the Kaarna Sharira or the causal body. It includes the hard disk also called Karmashaya which is attached to the spirit body. It is the aim of this body to reduce the baggage of its data which consists of Samskaras (also understood as long-term and short-term memory). It is only when this hard disk has managed to delete or cleanse its stored data, can a person be free of life and death, and attain Mukti.


The aim of the Jivatma is to be unburdened by the delusion of all the bodies that surround it. To learn to disbelieve in the existence of the reality that it is forced to see under the influence of the power called Maya. When the Jivatma becomes disillusioned and comes to terms with its reality of not being an independent entity, but a part of the Supreme Consciousness, then and only then can it attain Moksha.


As Moksha is a very high-flown aim and objective, let us look at lower levels of attainment. When the Karmashaya has a reduced amount of baggage and data, there are fewer Vitkaras or negative thoughts that would come to fore on a regular basis. There would be lesser lives to lead and longer intervals, where the spirit body could live in greater dimensions than Earth.


Earth is a dimension of matter at a particular gross level. There are other dimensions that exist at different vibrations of energy which are easier to live in, and where the mind of the entity is not so troubled or stressed. There are innumerable such dimensions or lokas where spirits dwell. Many of them are much more blissful than earth, whilst many are more bothersome. The dimension a particular entity dwells in depends on a person’s attainments and spiritual levels in their physical avatar. Many spirits get stuck in this dimension itself and either try and help humans or haunt them.