Hingori Series of Books
The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul


field_of_dreams_by_yuumei-d7wd0qxSpiritual experiences and visions help fortify your beliefs in the subject.


Is that necessary? No, not at all.


But the human mind which lives in a state of constant delusion, needs more measurable delusions to have faith. Miracles, visions of Saints, gods and goddesses, premonitions, spiritual healing, sighting of ghosts or spiritual beings, psychic predictions are all part of the bag that helps create faith and psychological acceptance.


Dreams can be of many types. The Vitkaras and other stored sundry Samskaras in our hard disk can just fructify, or we could be suffering from indigestion, not having urinated before going to bed, having thought continuously about some subject or the other, having contemplated on a subject several days or even months ago – all possible reasons for dreams that do not make sense.


They can also be pretty bizarre with no head or tail, and no logic. On the other hand, there are many dreams that take place in a half-awake, half-asleep state which can seem meaningful and act as learning experiences. Many premonitory dreams, guidance by spiritual teachers or ancestors, interaction with spiritual energies, out-of-body experiences lead to a person acquiring faith in both the subject, and themselves.



Udhav’s Spiritual Geometry (Jain Sahib’s too)


Take the example of my friend Udhav Kirtikar, who lives in New Zealand. He used to be involved in spiritual Sewa when he lived in India. He would often trouble Gurudev, about giving him spiritual experiences. One day, while he was lying in his bed at night, half awake, half asleep at approximately four in the morning, he saw a couple of blackish looking triangles flying through his window and stop in front of him. That woke him up! Naturally, he was perplexed and did not know what to do. Being an expert in martial arts he had a Nanchaku hanging behind his head, so he tried to rush towards it. The triangles were witness to his immaturity and our friend could not even move. He was absolutely frozen. His martial arts practice had gone for a six!


So all he did was watch those triangles enter into his personal home temple and come back opposite to where he was sleeping. After a few minutes, they went out of the window. I could have considered this a part of hallucination but I didn’t. One of Gurudev’s oldest disciples, called Bade Jain sahib, had also told me about a similar experience. He too had seen a couple of triangles enter his house and stare at him. The description of the triangles was almost identical and I knew for a fact that these gentlemen had not concurred with each other. I am quite sure that both these gentlemen must have awakened the next day feeling wealthier in terms of spiritual visions.



Shiv Darshan


Rajee Sharma, a false name given because the disciple does not want to be quoted by name, a favourite disciple of Gurudev, had an experience that anyone would give their left arm for. He saw Gurudev appear in his dream and take him out of his body to travel to a cave somewhere in a mountain, but not on earth. When they entered the cave, he saw three huge statues of men in deep meditation. I use the word statue because they were not awake in our sense of the word awake. He instinctively knew that these were the meditating bodies of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. The body of Shiva came to consciousness and stared at him with a deadpan expression. In a deep resonating voice, the body asked Mr. Sharma as to what he desired? “Nothing your Lord,” said Mr Sharma, “I need your grace.” The body of Shiva materialised white holy water with a milky texture, and poured it into the hands of Mr. Sharma three times, every time saying ‘mrityu, mrityu, mrityu.’ (death, death, death, to my interpretation it means of end of existence).


Mr. Sharma was naturally speechless and after some time they left that abode, and Mr Sharma returned to his bed and body. Pretty cool huh? Of course, people will say this is delusion of the mind, wishful thinking, creative visualisation (Buddhi Brahm) and what have you.


Sure, I agree!


We live in a world of Maya and everything around us is delusion. The senses are the creators of the delusion and so we are susceptible to imagine a world of reality that is nothing more than an appearance of this world and the reality created by the imagination of our minds collectively. That is Maya. Let’s talk about it later in further detail. Delusion within a delusion is as true or as reflective as your perceived reality. The dream state is another state of reality within the circle of Maya. Some of it as real as life itself, except that like physical life, it does not have a continuity. It’s a book of short stories.



An Experience at Badrinath


Thank God Gurudev was not a cricketer and especially not a bowler. Otherwise, he would probably never have bowled a straight ball, only googlies!


He was camping at a place called Srinagar in Uttarakhand, and asked me to come and spend a few days with him at his camp. There were others too who came there, and so he decided to take us all to a famous temple called Badrinath.


When we reached there, he refused to go into the temple and asked me to go and hug the deity, and say, ‘My dear elder brother, I want to give you a hug’. I went into the temple and did not know who to hug. I was quite sure that he did not want me to hug the deity of the temple, namely Badrinath. So in the compound of the temple I found the statue of the man who had established this temple called Adishankaracharya. Him I found easy to hug. He was tangible, measurable and huggable! I quite enjoyed hugging his marble statue (even though he never hugged me back).


When I came out of the temple he took an account from me of what I had done and sent me right back. I was supposed to go and mentally hug the Lord Badrinath himself. Whew! What was that? Who was this idiotic me to go and hug the deity of one of the most powerful temples in this country. It did not sound like a joke. Neither did it make sense. It took years for me to figure it out. It was one of the reasons that could have led to this book.


What Gurudev said to me, without putting it in words, was that I should consider myself to be a younger brother to that very powerful force. He expected me to believe in the equality of one Atma with another. He knew that this was going to be a huge concept for me to swallow, yet he wanted me to do so.


So, I did exactly what he had asked me to do, and tried my best to mean it. Naturally the conviction could be ‘made of sterner stuff’. But finally in years to come it did become sterner stuff.



An Unbelievable Dream


What happened next, and I mean in a few years from this episode, was that I got a vision in the early hours of the morning. I’d reached a kind of a gathering place, where there were people waiting to pay respects and to have an audience with the trio of Ramji, Sitaji, and Laxmanji. There were almost 100 people waiting, and it took some time, as each person had something to discuss. I recognised one of my Gurubhais (my spiritual associates), Ahuja sahib, an income tax officer who was highly devoted to Gurudev, in queue before me. When it was finally my turn, I surprised myself. When Ramji asked me what I wanted, I said I wanted nothing but had come here to give them my good wishes. Sitaji thanked me with a broad smile. Ramji and Laxmanji acknowledged me too, but with wry grins. When I woke up in the morning I was a little more than shocked. What was this Mr. Ordinary doing offering his good wishes to a man who is considered a god by millions of people? Are you kidding me? How can this be true? But whether it was true or not I started looking at myself as a part of the divine spark that was within me. I started identifying more with that part of me, than with the part of me I’d seen making an idiot of himself (quite an idiot, I warn you!). And of course, I wondered if I had a better sense of humour than Ramji (hope he doesn’t have an arrow in his bow right now!).


So you see it all depends on which part of you you’re willing to connect with, and identify with. You have a choice to identify with the divine in you, so why identify yourself with the waste- of- time character that you have to deal with anyway? Think. Think again, and act on it!


I can almost visualize my friend Dr. Shashidharan reading this with absolute cynicism and saying, come on! This is Buddhi brahm (Delusionary thinking). Sure doc, it might just be. Sure we cannot deny all this as a play of Maya, but then what is not Maya in our lives? Or yours for that matter?


A Chat on Dreams


At a group discussion with my spiritual colleagues on dreams and visions, there were a few points that we all found interesting.


human-being-and-universe-1156045-640x880(1) That dreams were not necessarily happenings or events, but often they were the projection by our minds and of reality as we perceived it. For example, if I were to dream about a saint blessing me or interacting with me, it meant I believed that it made sense. That I did believe, I was competent and qualified to be in the acquaintanceship of Saints who were somewhere near my equal, or I was in the process of wanting to get there. On the other hand, if my dream of Ram was a figment of my imagination, the fact that it was so vivid and so real, lasted for so long, and I could literally feel everything, touch everything and react to the atmosphere and its movement, meant that I considered myself qualified and justified in meeting this great soul.


(2) The fact that I got so many insignificant, unrelated, and nonsensical dreams meant that I was letting out some stored thoughts and engrams in the dream space. It was not meant to have any meaning, it was purely meant to let out steam. The steam being the stored impressions and engrams/samskaras.


(3) Out- of-body experiences that I had, cannot be compared to the above categories, as in this state, my spirit body had come out of my material body and my attention and consciousness had moved from my physical body to my spirit body. My physical body lay there in cold storage, kept alive by a part of the energy at the cortex of the head where the Shiv Ling of the human being is situated. If you shave a coconut at the point where it has impressions on the top of its head, you will find a clove -like structure which resembles exactly its counterpart in the human head (on the inside of the head. This portion is called the Sahasra and is the place where great saints aspire to exit from at the time of death). If you press your head at the back, you will find similar impressions as you would in the coconut, and that is why in Hindu philosophy, a coconut represents the human head and it is offered as a sacrifice to a greater power.


(4) Another category of dreams that I have experienced, is one in which certain powers or energies come and give you important information that would be of use in the future. When one of my children was about to be born, I got a message in my dream that I must leave my city and go out of station for the delivery to happen smoothly. I decided this was only a dream so I should not make too much of it. However the second night again one of Gurudev’s disciples appeared in my dream and said he wanted me to go. Though it did not make sense and I was quite sure that my wife would think it was one of the worst ideas I ever had, I still did this as a matter of faith.


My son was to be born premature and the doctor had said that they would do a caesarean delivery. It was New Year’s Eve and around 11 pm, the doctor and his wife, both gynaecologists, and both commercially inclined, went up to their apartment in the same building to bring in the New Year with their friends. At sharp 11.35, my wife had a natural delivery and was saved the pain and agony of an operation. A loss commercially, no doubt, to the hospital and delivery centre.


I remember, I had a dream several years earlier of men with green masks stabbing my wife who was lying on a bed. Gurudev had appeared in the dream all smiles, the situation looked as if my wife was going to die and he asked me my wish. I had said I left the decision to him, and I entrusted matters in his hands. It seemed to connect, what was to be a negative operation in terms of luck, turned out to be a natural delivery, quite by accident and spiritual conspiracy too! My presence might have been an impediment.


5) The dream state can sometimes be used for attainment of spiritual benefits. I have received mantras in my dream state. The deity that gave me the mantra even showed me the utilisation of it almost providing a 3D operational manual. I have never heard of this mantra or seen it in any book. The words are very uncommon and do not sound like any of the words I have heard relating to the subject.


As I mentioned earlier Gati, or speed to travel astrally, was taught to me in a dream state.


Many people have seen me appear in their dreams and I have given them mantras that they didn’t know. Some of the smart ones even forgot them. Many of my spiritual associates have had similar examples of either receiving mantras or giving mantras to their disciples in turn.


Shree Santlalji, another hot favourite of Gurudev’s, received the accomplishment of the Gurucharan (establishment and synthesis with the power of the Guru, which is a connection that takes place in the forehead of the disciple) in my dream. He and I were both waiting to receive this great attainment in my dream state, and we were both lucky enough to get it. It was my dream state, so I knew that, but I didn’t share this with anyone. One day, when Santlalji and I were sitting alone in a room, I told him that I knew about this great attainment. He was shocked. He wanted to know how I knew about it, because Gurudev had told him about this at approximately the same time. He had not shared it with anybody, so how would I know.



Healing In a Dream


My friend Bittu Katyal, another favourite with Gurudev, and someone who has devoted his entire life to service at Gurgaon, had an accident due to the explosion of a gas cylinder. He had blisters on his entire face, hands and legs. The condition was not good. Two nights later Gurudev appeared to him in his dream state, or better if you call it vision state, and treated him. He told him that he will first set his face right, then his hands and finally his legs. He had also lost vision in his eye. In the dream state Gurudev took a silver rod, which the Sikhs normally use for their turbans, and he put something in Bittuji’s eyes with it. His wife and parents were shocked when he woke up the next morning and they found that the blisters on his face had vanished. They were not new to the miracles of Gurudev and had learned how to accept them with gratitude.


A few days later it was Bada Guruvar, a special Thursday of the month, when Bittuji went in and bowed his head at the Sthan. He found that within a minute or two his damaged eye seemed to be working all right. It took another ten to fifteen days for his hands and feet to heal. This was another story of how Gurudev had performed a miracle in a dream.



Materialising the Missing Locket


A few years earlier Bittuji’s wife Kalpana was very worried about her husband’s security as there were some issues.


In 1991, three days after Gurudev’s demise, Kalpana had a vision in which Gurudev appeared and gave her a locket, to be put around her husband’s neck by Gurudev’s wife, called Mataji. After giving her these instructions in her dream or vision state, he asked her to hold the locket tightly in her hand, and disappeared. When she woke up in the morning she found the locket clasped in her palm. What was given to her in a dream state had materialised in her hand. This locket was put around Bittuji’s neck by Mataji at the Sthan very ceremoniously. Naturally, it was no ordinary locket!


Bittuji would pay his respects to that locket every morning when he woke up and every night before he slept. Three to four years later he paid respect to the locket around his neck and went to sleep. When he woke up, the locket was gone. He looked all over, but the locket was not to be found. By then the security risk that he faced had long since been resolved.


If I was Bittuji, I would have hired Sherlock Holmes to solve the case of “materialising the missing locket”, but Bittuji, I guess, accepted his fate. He also probably did not have Sherlock’s number!


The above story makes me wonder if Gurudev is in the Locket Lending Business!


Gurdev has pulled my leg several times; here is an opportunity that I will not miss.


6) Sometimes spiritual entities can be a saving grace to human beings and I’m sure most people have not experienced something like this.


My friend Pappu Sharma who lives in Jwalaji, Himachal Pradesh, is a very spiritually developed person and so was his father, a disciple of Gurudev. His father’s name was Shambhuji, and he died 25 odd years ago. Shambhuji was a respected man in his hamlet and was connected through his family to the Jwalaji Temple Management. He had also been given powers by Gurudev. One day my friend Pappu was resting at his house, when suddenly he saw balls of flame come down from the ceiling and get extinguished before they hit his bed. He was shocked beyond belief. While this was going on he suddenly saw his late father standing in the room as if he was protecting him from these flames. In 15 to 20 seconds the flames disappeared and so did his father. What was the story?


In villages in certain parts of India, black magic is practiced and is called the left hand of Tantric Vidya. A dangerous trick in this form of black magic is to send flames through an aerial route to someone’s home and burn them. In the local language they call it ‘Mutth Chalana’ or to use a spirit to deliver these flames to the victim chosen. It was a great experience for my friend who probably never witnessed black magic, but was a victim.


There are many cases where spirits are used to hurt others and to create problems in others’ homes. Though this is not part of the subject of dream, but it was connected, so I thought you might be interested.


There are N number of categories of dreams and visions and there is no hard and fast rule that can be used to understand them. These are just a few examples that might help you categorise some of your own.


And, of course, let me not forget, dreams about snakes are normally not bad. They signify Shakti in interaction with you in your dream state. Something like that.


A dream about seeing somebody die, more often than not, is a good dream, and could signify the end of a risk to that person, taking place in your dream state.


A lady appeared in my dream state, took my hand and clasped it with both hers and I could see power being stolen from me, not exactly a productive dream but realistic anyway.


When you have reached different stages of self evolution, some of the dreams you experience will fortify the fact that you have reached a status of some spiritual significance. This will help you recognise the fact, that in your subconscious state, you accept a part of the eternal truth of who you are and what you have become.