Hingori Series of Books
The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul


Thoughts and Experiences shared by readers of the books

Mirror Neurons & Empathy

02:14 14 December in Articles of Interest

Elegant brain mapping has shown that we’re hardwired for empathy. The recent discovery of “mirror neurons” has done for behavioral health what DNA has done for genetics. Mirror neurons are what turn on our empathy. They establish a brain-to-brain bridge that puts you on another person’s wavelength. Studies have shown that mirror neurons cause brain cells to “light up” not just when your own finger is pricked with a pin but also when you see someone else’s finger being pricked (an explanation for how the empath functions as well as those with less intense sensitivity). The pattern of neurons firing in your brain actually mimics those of the person you’re observing. In other words, we can feel each other’s pain. What...

My Experiences and Observations at the Sthaan – Kewal Malhotra

14:04 13 December in Thought, Experience

I was introduced to the sthan by my very close friend K.C. Narang to whom i am ever grateful. Initially i was reluctant but health related problems made me relent. I am now convinced that nature causes these problems to push us towards spiritualism and self realization. Before i came to the sthan i had been initiated into spiritualism through just a couple of sessions of the real meaning of the brahm gyan as enunciated in the gita. I was given a naam (beej mantra) to be repeated with every breath. This happened in kangra where i went for help to our family guruji. It was a personal emotional problem that took me there to him at a very young age....

We all belong to a soul group – Monikka Kriplani

14:03 13 December in Thought

You have lived for many lifetimes n u have lived it with many of whom u я associated with; be it family ties or even those who don’t really get along with u or try to harm u emotionally, physically n spiritually. All belong to a SOUL GROUP! U all have travelled together for lifetimes. U have all shared various relationships with each other. Father, mother, wife, grandparents, uncle aunt, brother sister, in laws, friends, servants, neighbours, driver n even many a times So-called enemies. Each person belonging to the Soul Group tries to help the other move spiritually n reduce the Karmic baggage. Sometimes the soul that loves u the most, might willingly take birth as an Enemy or a...

“Why Worry? All will be well.” – Srinath Raghavan

11:12 13 December in Experience

Hi, My name is Srinath and Mumbai is my Karma Bhoomi. Born is Marurai, South India, Mumbai is my home, since the beginning of my 37 year old life. 2011 was a turning point in my life and my family’s too. I had just landed up accepting an offer of a Regional Head of a Learning & Development firm; a designation, which had come after much effort and persistence; given to the fact that I had to take the long route of constant failures, so to experience success. A few months into the role and calamity struck. My Father, a hardcore Diabetic, had his first heart attack. It was the night of May 13th 2011, when He complained of acute shortness of breath...

Destiny is the fructifying of our positive and negative karmic stock – Himakar Tata

09:33 13 December in Thought

Remember folks, during the farewell function of any outgoing batch it was customary for us to sing "Those were the days, my friend". Didn't we all step out of school portals almost 37 years back with starry eyes. There was a spring in our step.We were then ready to conquer the world ahead to ' lead the life we choose, to fight and never lose". It is only as we progressed over the years, that we slowly begin to accept the "karmic forces" at work which derailed the best of our plans and prevented their meticulous execution . In my own case it seemed to be happening more often than not during my "turbulent twenties and thirties", the formative years from the...