Hingori Series of Books
The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul


Many people do not accept the concept of planets and their chemistry being co-related to ours. The subject of Astrology, which attempts to map this, is often scoffed at.


Of course, there are a lot of quacks in the market who study the basics and become astrologers to earn a quick buck. There are others who scare gullible people into performing expensive Pujas.


Others do not have the talent, are plain lazy and do not want to get into the finer details in order to predict with detailed analysis. Their impatience can make them miss out on some combinations that might help them analyse the chart accurately.


But, a bad doctor does not the science of medicine unmake.



Let us understand the subject and see how it works. Let us also examine why it seems to not work.

The birth of a person is considered to be a Mahurat. It is the moment of time corrected by adjusting the longitude, so that it is not IST or GMT, but time at that specific place. At the Mahurat of Birth, the planets are juxtaposed in a particular configuration. Both vis- a-vis the place of birth, as well as with reference to each other.


At this frozenastrology-2010-01 moment of time, which is at a particular cross-section of time and space, a chart is made showing the position of the planets as placed in the Zodiac, divided into 12 signs like Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpio, etc.


The position of each planet in different signs of the zodiac and their interaction with the other planets, both in the frozen birth chart and their movement thereafter, indicate the trends of a person’s future. The future is that of the Mahurat, or the particular moment, and works congruently with the future of the person, animal, plant or anything taking birth at that Mahurat in the physical plane. It could be the inauguration of a shop or the launch of an enterprise as well.


The frozen chart at the time of Mahurat is called the Birth Chart or Kundali and the movement of the planets as time goes by is called the transit. After the chart is frozen at the time of birth, the planets continue to move at their own pace thereafter, shifting their location as compared to the birth configuration. Just like the sun shifts each month to a different sign, so do other planets at a different pace. The Sun comes back to each sign in a year, Jupiter in 12 years, Saturn in several more as it stays in each sign for 2.5 to 3 years.


Due to the fact that the planets move at different paces, their chemistry does not remain the same as it was at the Mahurat of Birth. It is dynamic and gives a number of configurations leading to innumerable results. This is what makes the subject hard to interpret. But it also makes life so variable and unpredictable.



The method described above is called ‘Vimshotri’ technique.

In this there is the system of Dasas or periods ruled by the planets. Whichever sign is rising in the N.E. (at your birth time) is called the ascendant. They have also devised a system of configuring how many years belong to each planet where it is considered the ruler of a Dasa or a period of time. For example, each person’s life is divided into 120 years and the nine planets have a share of those 120 years. Some have less and some more.


For example, the Dasa or period of Jupiter (where it is the major influence) lasts 16 years, the Sun 7 years, Moon 9 years, Venus 20 years, Rahu 18 and so on. Each Dasa unfolds a particular broad destiny trend of its own. This depends on where the planet is placed in your birth chart and which celestial bodies are influencing it.


The influences could be other planets occupying a position near it in the same sign, or an aspect from an opposite or diagonally opposite sign. To complicate things further, the planet can be in a house or sign that is friendly or unfriendly. Each Dasa is divided into sub-periods and inter-periods which are periods within periods, just like there are smaller gear wheels which turn larger ones. The trend of this period will vary based on these and many more factors. The pages above are not to help you become astrologers, they are a semi-detailed explanation to make you understand that the subject is far more intricate and deep than reading your star sign messages in the daily newspaper.


The analysis of how to judge the trends was discovered by ancient fathers who understood this science intuitively and left it behind as a legacy to future generations. Astrologers say that these scriptures were partial documents of a perfect science, propounded by Lord Shiva himself and passed on by his consort Parvati to the seven Rishis. They were re-documented later by Rishi Parashar and it is that knowledge that flows down to us today.


In spite of its missing links and shortcomings, the science of Astrology, Tarot or Palmistry can amaze people with the ability to predict events.




My wife’s classmate Maggie was standing for elections in a particular state. He was a second generation politician, his father having a reputation of being honest. A lotus in the pond! Maggie had worked hard for over 10 years in his constituency. He was loved by friends, associates, and the public. He attended all marriages, death ceremonies and functions of villagers in his constituency and gave gifts to all the villagers out of his personal earnings. He was sure to win. I unfortunately, connected him to my friend, an astrologer in the U.S. What was worse, I put him on speakerphone. After asking for his date of birth, place and time, he quickly calculated (the position of the planets) on his software and five minutes later, he said there was no chance Maggie could win this election. He said only if all other candidates died could he possibly win. Maggie had been told he was a sure winner. His face fell! The Astrologer called back a little later and said four years later his luck would change and Maggie would win the next election hands down. No question. Maggie lost the upcoming election! Four years later, he was appointed the State Secretary of his party. Five years later, he won despite heavy odds against him. Does Maggie believe in Astrology now? As this book goes into print, the astrologer says he has a great career ahead. Good luck Maggie!


Personally, I have had the opportunity of witnessing many predictions come true. Our friend was getting married to a member of our Club. They had been dating for four years. The Astrologer, mentioned earlier, was also a member of Otters Club. After reading her palm, he said she should not marry her fiancé. The marriage would not last. We all laughed, they got married, had a couple of kids, and then got divorced. Uncanny!


My brother-in-law was a senior executive of one of India’s largest multinationals. He was popular and liked by all his seniors. When my sister showed his horoscope to my friend, the Astrologer, he said he didn’t see a good future in my brother-in-law’s chart. He said my sister would be the bread earner. Unfortunately she is. He died in an air crash 20 years ago.


A senior executive in my company was looking disturbed for many months. I kept wondering what was bothering him. I called up my friend in New York and gave him the details of his birth chart. A few minutes later, he asked me what the matter was. I said my executive’s depression. I could not believe what the Astrologer said next. He said my executive had been having an extra-marital affair which may have gone sour. That was the cause of his sadness. Hesitantly, I asked the executive, if he was having an affair. He said “Sir, do you think I am that kind of person?” I said, “Not at all.” The astrologer had erred for sure. Six months later, the executive told me about his affair and wanted advice on what to do about it. Floored!