Hingori Series of Books
The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul

Aatmasutra – Unveiling the Soul

The purpose of this book is to influence you to learn to accept, respect and revere yourself.


Through this text, I am going to try my best to present to you, the reader, several relevant spiritual concepts, interspersed with incidents and visions experienced by several of my spiritual friends and me. The purpose is to influence you to fall in love with yourself. This is of course, a colloquial way of saying, learn to accept, respect and revere yourself. No mean task this!


I thought ‘discover yourself ’ meant understand yourself psychoanalytically. It was a lot more. It has been a journey of 35 years from trying not to dislike myself, to learning how to love myself and more. Do join me in this story of understanding self-worth, shedding limitations and understanding your true nature.


If you are a part of the Consciousness Supreme, then how come you don’t know it?
Finally, how do you understand it?


On reading this text I hope most of you will discover, if you don’t already know it, that ‘yourself’ is a component of many entities and the ‘you’ who are reading this book is just one of them, mainly the physical incarnation. But the ‘myself ’ does not stop there. It includes all the components that go along with your individual self and end up in ‘you’, the physical body at the outermost level.


It is my prayer that we should move together through the pages of this book and its illustrations and reach some life changing conclusions.

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