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The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul

“A voice instructed me to read Aatmasutra”

“A voice instructed me to read Aatmasutra”

14:56 24 July in Experiencces

Neelam [name changed] shared her experience with the author via email

I am in the midst of reading Aatmasutra and thought of writing to you to share my experience. I am hoping to gain some clarity with the strange episode of being instructed to read your book.

On Gurupurnima day, I was praying for a miracle and strength to go through the current challenges of life and hoping if there was a better version of myself. I had seen the cover on Scribd app and Kindle. As soon as I saw the cover page I felt a strange pull towards it and voices in my head asking me to read it. A few days ago, a voice woke me up and told me to read your book. It clearly said my answers will be found in this book.

Sorry to have bothered you but these strange voices and episodes are growing with each passing day. I think it all started on 24th Dec 2015, as I was pulled out from my crashed car alongwith my baby. Someone had crashed into my car as we were returning from Sai temple. Two people dressed in white pulled us out from the overturned car. I can’t find these people. I can only remember a peaceful energy wave pass through my body and healing me and absolutely no pain until the ambulance arrived. Its been 7 months and I walk around like a zombie as I feel I am stuck in a bubble.

I am not sure what to expect or rather what to do with the my new lease of life. The voice kept nagging at me until I actually sat down to read. I am learning to love myself and feel blessed to be guided to this book.

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