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Question from Reader Nishand

Question from Reader Nishand

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Question from Nishand

I firmly believe in karma and karmic accounts.
If u want something focus on that and consistently work to achieve that.

Sometimes my heart cries that I am (my soul) not happy
I witness lots of problems in this world such as
No peacefulness among family

From my end I can only make myself not to do such things, but it doesnt resolve or give answer at city level or state level, country level or global level.

Our mother Earth is day by day showing symptoms of inhabitableness.

Today global warming not allowing us to stay at home, farmers are suffering, water getting polluted.

From my level what I can do to atleast start resolving atleast 1% of such problem in global level. Just by sitting thinking or reacting to problem doesnt give any solution untill we take action.

Answer from Hingori

There is a lot of evolution that has taken place but you have not noticed because you are judging things from say 20 or 30 years.
Go back a few hundred years and you will we humans were so animalistic. Most men were soldiers and killing was not even a crime!
Today there are many people like you who want to be good human beings.
The problem is ignorance. We do not understand ourselves. That will make a major change. Slowly it is happening .
Do your best and over the years help others to think like you.
That is the way to spread the change.
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