Hingori Series of Books
The Hingori Series of Books include Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code and Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul

Hingori Sutras

Karmasutra - Cracking the Karmic Code

Karmasutra-cover This Book talks about the Types of Karma, Karmic Laws, Resulting Profits & Losses, Karmic Assets & Liabilities, Generation of Karmic Wealth, Carving out a Better Future, Serving Ancestors and finally Willing your Wealth to Yourself. The Pages are limited, the content unlimited. Read more.


Aatmasutra - Unveiling the Soul

aatmasutra-cover Through this book, the author presents to the reader, several spiritual concepts, interspersed with instances and visions, experienced by him and several of his spiritual friends. The purpose is to influence you to to learn to accept, respect and revere yourself. Read more.


Spiritual Concepts

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